The Law Society of British Columbia offers online courses for lawyers in British Columbia.

Available Courses

  • Practice Refresher Course

    Welcome to the Practice Refresher Course. This course has been developed by the Law Society of British Columbia primarily to assist lawyers who wish to resume practice after an absence of one to seven years. The course does not attempt to be a complete knowledge base for each area of law, but rather attempts to capture the highlights of the topics covered and to provide the returning lawyer with a refresher on core concepts, substantial and procedural developments, as well as client and office management.

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  • Communication Toolkit

    Poor communication is a common thread that runs through numerous complaints the Law Society receives about lawyers. This course describes common problem areas and provides examples of how communication can be improved.

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  • Legal Research Essentials

    A one-hour-long video-based course on developing a strategy for legal research in the context of a specific fact pattern.


    Welcome to the Online Legal Research Course. This course has been developed by Courthouse Libraries BC to provide practicing lawyers with an introductory strategy to performing legal research. By the end of the course you should be able to plan a research strategy and employ specific research skills to tackle a legal question using popular research tools.  The research tools highlighted in this course are tools relevant to the legal topic.  If you are conducting research on a different legal topic, you may want to refer to other research tools while employing a similar strategy and skills as covered in this course. The course is available to all BC lawyers on a voluntary basis to help meet the need for free, self-paced, practice-oriented, current legal research skills training.

    About the Course

    This course uses video modules to demonstrate how to develop a strategy for legal research, and to demonstrate specific skills for using secondary, primary and other sources. The course starts by defining the question and considering what resources are available and suitable. Then the course demonstrates how to use popular legal research tools and the rationale behind when to use specific resources. Short quizzes follow most of the section modules. The quizzes are for the purpose of self-assessment and getting a specific score is not required to earn the full 1 hour of CPD credit.

    The course takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Although the course is modular and can be viewed on a module by module basis, the course is best viewed from beginning to end as it discusses the research process or strategy and considers issues that might arise when gaps in the fact pattern or research approach emerge. However, the video modules can be viewed on an “as needed” basis and it is not required to complete the course in one sitting.

    Is This Course a Good Fit for Me?

    This course is aimed at practicing lawyers, not research specialists. The course is intended to help lawyers improve their skills in conducting general legal research tasks and to adapt their research approach to the unique circumstances of each research question.

    The course is not a substitute for exercising professional judgment on how much and what type of research is required for specific situations although the course prompts participants to evaluate these questions throughout the research task. It does not constitute legal advice. For product-specific training, contact the product's vendors or the Vancouver Courthouse Library - specialized training can help you maximize the benefits of a specific legal research tool.

    Continuing Professional Development ("CPD") Credit

    The course is approved for 1 hour of CPD credit. You must watch all the videos and complete all the quiz questions to claim this CPD credit.


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  • Practice Management Course

    This course has been developed by the Law Society of British Columbia primarily to assist new lawyers, lawyers practicing alone or in small firms and others to review key practice management topics. The course is not a complete knowledge base for each topic covered, but rather outlines highlights and provides a review of core concepts.

    The Law Society Rules make the course mandatory for:

    • lawyers practicing in a “small firm”, who must complete the course within 6 months after commencing practice in a small firm setting - Law Society Rule 3-28;

    • articled students, who must successfully complete the PMC in order to qualify for call and admission – Law Society Rule 2-76(1)(b.1); or

    • lawyers ordered to complete the PMC by the Practice Standards Committee – Law Society Rule 3-19.

    All lawyers who are obligated to complete the Practice Management Course must certify that the course is complete by logging in to the CPD section of the LSBC website and recording the Practice Management Course as complete. The Law Society monitors the CPD section of the site.

    Lawyers who are not required to take the course as a mandatory condition of practice may take the course for educational purposes and may claim CPD credit according to the time spent taking the course. Click here to find out more about taking the course for CPD credit.

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