Introduction and Objectives


The objectives of the Coverage During Absence module are:

To appreciate the importance of arranging for coverage during planned absences from work and to ensure continuity during involuntary absence or loss.
To appreciate the importance of insurance to keep your practice running,or to provide a stream of income.

Navigating this Module

This module features these components:

Written Material: The module discusses developing a plan for coverage during your absence or in the event of catastrophic loss, raises technology issues and insurance considerations, and addresses practical points for your coverage and succession plan.

Test: The test for this module features a fact pattern followed by two parts, a question and a justification. You must get answers to both parts correct in order to complete the test. If you get one or both parts incorrect, you will get an opportunity to reattempt the test. Test questions are drawn from the written material only and not the Additional Resources or the footnotes to the written material.

Additional Resources: Additional valuable resources are available, some of which are included in the Additional Resources section of this module. You are not tested on this additional material, although you are encouraged to review any resources that best suit the nature of your practice or if you experience difficulty comprehending the material that will be tested.

Although we aim to present a comprehensive module, this module is not exhaustive. This module is not a substitute for exercising professional judgment and does not constitute legal advice.