Technology Issues continued

It is very important to ensure your support staff understand and follow your policy for risk management of information and the use of technology. If staff leave or are fired, passwords on your system must be updated to protect your confidential information and intellectual property!

Take the time to consider how you will be able to continue providing legal services if something happens to you or your primary place of business. If, for example, your office equipment is stolen:

  • Are you equipped to work from your home?
  • If you have support staff, are they capable of working from home for a period of time?

Similarly, what will you do if your computer system is rendered inoperative for a period of time?

You must develop practical solutions to minimize loss of equipment or data, (e.g., installing sprinkler systems where appropriate, using fireproof cabinets, burglar alarms, firewalls and antivirus software, etc.) and develop methods to recover from that loss, like storing copies of critical information and backing up digital information off-site. Keep in mind that some safeguards may pose their own risks. For example, a sprinkler system might stop a fire but damage paper files or computers.