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As there is no place for me to comment in the Quiz itself, I am posting my comment on Quiz question 1 here.

I took the quiz twice because my answer to the first question was wrong.  My thinking in giving my answer was that withdrawal was the only way to go because client had actually instructed the lawyer to present false books as original records. Even though the lawyer immediately indicated he had some difficulty wtih those instructions by stating that the client was asking him to do something that was wrong, the fact remained that the client was instructing him to do it.  In fact, even after the lawyer pointed out it was wrong, the client "peristed" with those instructions.  I think that answer indicated as correct suggests that the lawyer should continue on as long as the client accepts the lawyer's refusal to do what the client had instructed.   Furthermore, what about the fact that the lawyer had, by what he said about thinking it over, indicated that he might well be prepared to continue on if the books were indeed airtight.  Shouldn't the problem of the lawyer even thinking about going along with this present in the available answers. 

I note that in relation to this comment,  I would like some feedback.