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This isi a good module.  One thing that is missing is some information on the particular problem of a difficult client who is a legal aid client.  One of the most effective controls for the overly involved client is the billing process which clearly brings the costs of the client's behavior to the attention of the client.  With legal aid clients, this mechanism is missing and so some written tips for the special circumstances of a legal aid retainer should be thought about. Majic bullets? I have none.

Keep in mind, if the client becomes too difficult for you to manage, you always have the option of terminating the solicitor-client relationship.

This section would be enhanced with a section about culture biases. For example, what is typiucal in one cultural group may be perceived as "problematic" or "difficult" by another. When the "problematic" person is from a minority group, repeated labelling as "problematic" can make it difficult to find adequate legal representation. Lawyers should be mindful of how their own percpetions and experiences inform their judgment of what is or is not "problematic," and should be careful they are not screening out potential clients on internal cultural biases.