Matters a Lawyer Must Personally Attend To

Examples of the tasks and functions that you must personally attend to are set out in the BC Code, Chapter 6, rule 6.1-3. They include:

  • attending on the client to advise and take instructions on all substantive matters;
  • attending at any hearing before the court, a registrar, or an administrative tribunal or at any examination for discovery. Note that a paralegal may support a lawyer also in attendance.

It is a good idea to provide your paralegal with a written job description and guidelines for their job, including what tasks may and may not be performed by them. While this does not absolve you of your duty to supervise, it does provide a foundation for the relationship and may make supervision more efficient.

Do not confuse a paralegal with other support staff, and understand your needs before hiring one—a paralegal is someone competent to carry out certain legal work while under supervision, not a glorified scribe.