Peter and Paul come into your office. They have developed an Internet tool that will make them millions, but before marketing it, they want you to tell them how to set up a business structure that will work for them both now and in the future.

Clara Keene calls your office. She is tired of the cold Alberta winters and wants to move to the BC coast. She wants to buy into an ongoing business and has been offered a 49% interest in Keen to Clean, a local cleaning company, for $100,000. She wants to know if this is a good offer (she already loves the name) and how to go about finalizing the deal.

Dr. Kildare calls your office. She has been a doctor in another province for many years and already has a company. She also wants to move westward in order to be closer to her elderly parents and wants you to do whatever may be required in order to transfer her company to BC.

These are some of the types of business transactions that are likely to cross your desk. Each file will have its own unusual set of circumstances and you should always consider whether you have the skills and experience required to accept the file. There are many nuances to the practice of corporate and commercial law and it is beyond the scope of this module to cover the details of transactions that involve complicated issues. If you are practising in an area of corporate or commercial law that is beyond the scope of this module, you may also wish to review the material listed in the Additional Resources section.