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To take this course, click on the grey “Legal Research Essentials - Course” button on the bottom right of the main course page.  There you will find the course videos interspersed with the quiz questions.

Technical Requirements

The course is easy to use even if you are not “tech-savvy”. All that is required is a computer capable of playing audio and video, and an internet connection.

Contact Us

If you require assistance with this course please contact the Course Facilitator.  You are also welcome to send our Course Facilitator questions, comments or suggestions that you feel would be useful for others.
See the help page if you require technical assistance with the Online Learning Centre. You are also welcome to consult the staff at Courthouse Libraries BC about your research questions.

The course content was created by Katrina Leung with the help of Alex McNeur and Megan Vis-Dunbar (all of Courthouse Libraries BC). The videos were produced by PinPoint Productions.

Outline of the course

1. Introduction to the Online Legal Research Course.

2. Fact Pattern / Story.

3. Define your Task.

4. Evaluating Resources & Starting with Secondary Sources.

      4a - Secondary Sources (Evaluating your Resources).

      4b - Secondary Sources (Encyclopedias and Commentary).

5. Legislation (Primary and Secondary Sources).

      5a - Primary Sources (Finding the Act).

      5b - Primary Sources (Does the Act Apply?).

      5c - Primary Sources (Using the Annotated Act).

6. Case Law (Primary Sources).

      6a - Primary Sources (Finding Cases on Point).

      6b - Primary Sources (Noting up Cases).

7. Other Sources and Precedents.

8. Putting it all together.

Begin the course

For this course there is no stand-alone textbook, but rather the course videos are interspersed with the quiz questions. Click on the Quiz button on the bottom right of the course home page to commence the course. You can also review the resources listed below.

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 vedios are very helpful to know how to do legal research.

useful content

very helpful and easy to go through

Thanks for this. I like the format