Additional Resources

Additional Resources

For more detailed information on drafting wills, refer to the following publications:

Annual Review of Law & Practice (published annually, The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC).

BC Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation, (looseleaf, The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC).

Canadian Forms of Wills, by Sheard, Hull and Fitzpatrick, 4th edition (Toronto: Carswell 1982).

Estates, the Law Society of British Columbia, Professional Legal Training Course, Practice Material.

Estates Planning Precedents, A Solicitor's Manual, by Linda Ann Histrop and Donna C. Cappon (Toronto: Carswell. 1995 -).

O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms (11th edition, Aurora: Canada Law Book).

Practical Wills Drafting, by McIntyre, W.A. (Toronto: Butterworths, 1992).

Tax Planned Will Precedents, by J.C. Scott-Harston and P.A. Johnson (3rd edition, Toronto: Carswell).

Wills and Personal Planning Precedents: An Annotated Guide by Peter Bogardus and Mary B. Hamilton (looseleaf, The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC).

Additional resources can be found at the BC Courthouse Library website practice portal for Wills & Estates