Additional Resources

BC Probate and Estate Administration Practice Manual (looseleaf, The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC).

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Wills (2014, PLTC Practice Material, The Law Society of British Columbia).

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Tristram and Coote's Probate Practice (looseleaf, 29th ed., Butterworths).

Wills, Estates and Successions Act Transition Guide (The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC).

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I suggest the posted answer to Question 11 in the Quiz is not correct, as indicated in the materials Dealing with Creditors, section D (i),  the presumption of satisfaction from a legacy left to a creditor has been aborgated by the WESA: "However, subsection 53(3) of WESA now abrogates the common law presumption of satisfaction.  Where a creditor of the will-maker is made a beneficiary, it will no longer be presumed that a debt owed by a will-maker is satisfied by a legacy to that person. Subject to a contrary intention in the will, the personal representative, if satisfied of the validity of the claim, will be required to pay the legacy as well as the debt. " Accordingly the correct answer to that question is "False"